Worlds of Wow Multi-Site Solutions-Once Upon a Time

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Worlds of Wow Multi-Site Solutions-Once Upon a Time

It's Day Three-and We Are Talking Theming!

Once Upon A Time....that is a typical start to a story but not the story we are talking about when it comes to theming!  The walls of your ministry spaces can tell the story of what your church is about.  As families walk through your hallways, they see what you are about without having to ask!  From campus to campus, the same story is told and the mission and vision of your church can come to life in illustrations and storylines that dazzle the young and the young at heart!

And we LOVE to see things through the eyes of kids!  Our goal is to marry the look and feel of the adult space, the story you are telling there, and give it the high interest it needs to capture the wonder of a kid’s heart.  Theming in the ministry spaces-kids and students-will help the walls tell the same story no matter how they are set up.

Our digital theming options allow for the story to be illustrated on your walls no matter their size or shape.  When your members and guests walk through the spaces-it won’t matter the campus location…the walls will all look ridiculously cool!

Here are a few items to discuss with your team?
  • What is the mission statement of your church?
  • What is the mission statement for your Kid and/or Student Ministry?
  • What are some design elements that you think could reflect the mission statement of your church?


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