May 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

   This week Michael Hyatt released a new book Platform:  Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  Part One Section 3 brought up some great conversations in our office.  Hyatt asks 5 great questions regarding the "Wow" factor.  We were naturally interested in what he had to say!  We liked his point that if everything is a wow, ultimately nothing is a wow.  If this is true, how can we partner with churches and help them increase their wow?

We took Hyatt's first two points and discussed them through the filter of church world.  Here are a few thoughts on how churches can maximize their wow factor in regard to the experiences they create for their members/guests:

1.  What is the experience I want to create or transform into a wow?
Let's say you want to transform your Kid Space to a Wow Space.  We obviously love partnering with churches to maximize the wow factor in their kid spaces.  We can create just about anything a church dreams up!  We realize that creating a great kid space only happens when the mission and vision of the church is reflected in the design and theme created.  Thematic environments transform the experience for both parents and kids.  Bright design and/or storyline make environments fun and exciting.  Your environments make a huge impact on the experiences of both your members and guests.  Take a tour of your kid spaces.  What are some ways you can transform them in to Wow spaces?

2.  How will the church member or guest feel as a result of this experience?
We believe that environments play a huge factor in overall church experience.  What is communicated by the space is important.  But it is not the only factor of a wow experience.  The space can be phenomenal but how folks are treated once they walk through the doors plays a huge part in the experience.  Friendly volunteers and staff personify what is communicated through the design of the kid space.  When volunteers and staff are committed to excellence members/guests naturally want to be there.  How we feel about a place often determines how long we want to stay in that space.  When members/guests feel welcomed and comfortable, they will want to stay-they will want to come back.  Take a look at your volunteer and staff teams.  What are some steps you can take to improve the way members/guests are treated inside your ministry walls?

Grab your staff and discuss Hyatt's final three question from Part One Section 3.  We think conversations regarding environments and experiences are important and necessary.  Comment back and share your thoughts!  We would love to hear your discussions!

3.  What specific expectations does the typical member or guest bring to the experience?
4.  What does failing to meet the member/guests expectations for this experience look like?
5.  What does exceeding members/guests expectations for this experience look like? 

Hyatt, Michael (2012-05-22). Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World (Kindle Locations 673-683). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Indoor Play Areas

Have you wondered how Indoor Play Areas can help grow community in your church family?  Take a look at these photos of an Indoor Play Area we completed!  Watch your church become THE place to be when the summer is too hot or when the winter is too cold.  AND we can help you create a theme for your Indoor Play Area to match the theme of your Kid Space!