As always, the first impression leads the way to how the child will feel and behave. For instance, think of your reception desk/check-in area: can you imagine how a child will feel walking in and the only thing they see is a big wall blocking anyone who is behind the desk. If you can't lower your desk, ask your staff to stand up and lean over the desk to greet the child personally to make them feel welcome. The choice of colors on your walls also makes a huge difference. The sleek steel and updated, clean décor may look pristine to adults, but it is not an environment a child will feel comfortable in. In contrast, bright colors such as blue, pink, green, orange or yellow will have a calming and welcoming effect on kids. The check-in area is one of the most important areas to look at when thinking of ways to make your environment more kid-friendly!
You have one opportunity, so make it count!
First time visits can be very scary for your newcomers. Make the children's area a destination they will feel comfortable in as well an area they KNOW they belong! A pleasant first experience can lead to increased attendance, new guests, and transformational experiences. 
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