Gateway Church - Southlake, TX

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gateway Church - Southlake, TX

The emphasis on reaching kids and families is evident at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, as their new campus opened in November, 2010 that included a 67,000 square foot children’s building called God’s Amazement Park.

The amusement park theme was realized through a highly collaborative team effort. Ken & Mary Jackson, Children's pastors at the church, had a strong vision for creating a visually immersive experience for kids and parents, so the artists at Worlds of Wow came up with a full theming concept that includes multiple tracks of roller coasters that come out of ceilings, burst through walls and even adorn ceilings and walls in hallways and large group rooms.

The church made a significant effort to theme each area that stuck with the God's Amazement Park story arch, yet included artwork, scenes and destinations that included artwork and attractions that were age-appropriate.

As the pictures below show, this is one spectacular project. From the huge emphasis on making Check-in obvious and easy for first time guests to extra wide hallways to the large sculpted 3D characters and soft contained play units for different ages, God's Amazement Park shines as a fun, timeless and immersive experience that has kids excited to come and bring their friends.

The church has continued to see meteoric growth and, after opening this new children's building, has had over a 40% sustained increase in kids attending. Of course, this means that the parents are also now coming, adding to incredible growth for this dynamic church.

We love that the staff of Gateway chose Worlds of Wow to partner with them on creating God's Amazement Park. What a privilege for us to be part of such a Kingdom-focused church's strategy to reach kids and families!

If you've got questions about this project, feel free to contact us and we'll talk about creating an immersive environment for your church! Just contact us here!


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