March 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Over 25,000 kids reached each weekend at a Wow-installed church!

We've been reviewing our ever-growing client list and came to the realization that our installations of themes and play at churches is reaching a LOT of kids and families! We did some math and roughly estimate that over 25,000 kids are reached and about 40,000 parents see our theming and play at churches each weekend!!

The churches are the ones building the relationships, which are the most important part of reaching kids and families. We're just really excited to help these churches create ridiculously cool, fun environments for reaching those kids and parents!

THANK YOU for allowing Worlds of Wow to partner with so many fantastic churches!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Creative Theme for Riverbend Church, Austin, TX

We've been doing some really creative "no-theme themes" for churches who don't want a traditional character or event-based theme. One such church is Riverbend Church in the hill country area of Austin, Texas.

We provided a clever and colorful theme for their main children's building, complete with a huge soft-contained play space you can walk under and two large worship rooms for elementary and middle school children. Each space is unique and provides a color schema that fits age-appropriately.

Main entry wall to children's building
Inside the elementary children's large group room
360 degree panoramic view of the elementary children's large group room 
Pre-teen entrance next to the large play unit
Inside the pre-teen large group room
Custom game stations for the pre-teen large group room
Near the stage of the pre-teen large group room
360 degree panoramic of the pre-teen large group room
The large soft-contained play attraction between elementary & pre-teen areas

Riverbend is a fantastic church with a real heart for reaching their community. This space is a great example of the kind of innovative creativity from our team at Worlds of Wow!

If you want to find out more about our digital work, just contact us and we'll chat about how we can work with your church!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why we don't use Stickers or Decals: Kids pick at everything!

When you've worked with kids as much as our churches have, you learn a few really important things.
  • Create environments that Wow kids & parents
  • Put theme elements at the child's level to see and touch
  • Never, ever use stickers or decals!
All of our art appliqués are either airbrushed directly or digitally printed and then sealed, ensuring that there's never something for kids to pick at or peel off - only to enjoy!

These are some examples, including a some close-ups of our appliqués that show just how beautiful and durable they are for churches. CLICK on any of the images below to see a bigger version!

Fish appliqué
Fish appliqué close up - nothing to peel! Printed, not a decal
Printed appliqué as a logo 
Another printed appliqué used as signage for a pre-K area
An appliqué with Scripture
Layered appliqué for a 5th/6th grade room
Appliqué added on top of a themed wall
Close up of an appliqué 
Two appliqués on a scene
Call Worlds of Wow to find out how we can add our custom themes to your church and never have the issue of peeling artwork again! 817.380.4215