August 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Memorial Baptist Church - Expedition Theme Completed!

This past month, we completed the new theme for Memorial Baptist Church of Bayside, Texas as they finalized their renovation project. The theme was adventurous with "Expedition Company" chosen. Custom branding, detailed airbrushed wall murals, 2D appliques and even a 3D tent entrance for thier children's large group room all came together in July.

The church's minister to children, Kay McDaniel, and the rest of the intrepid team at Memorial were great to partner with on this exciting adventure!

Feel free to click on any of the images below to see them in larger detail.
A portable Check-in kiosk compliments the Expedition Company theming
A 3D tent entrance to the children's large group room 
A dig site has unearthed a wild looking animal skeleton!
Deep within the labyrinth of corridors on this exciting journey! 
Goliath's armor is discovered!
A secret watering device is cleverly hidden in this bookshelf!
Is this the bed used to lower the crippled man through the roof to Jesus?
Two stone tablets rest to the left of Goliath's huge shield!
This wall is perfect for showing movies or lessons. Wait, is that a screen?!
Even the stairways are part of the expedition!
Is your church ready for an adventure or another exciting theme to bring your children's space alive? If so, click here to contact us and let's talk about your next WOW! project!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Day at Trinity Kids Beach Playland

You can almost hear the waves lapping upon the shore as we brought this themed environment to life at Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana! We've had a lot of churches ask about this project because it combines our unique artistic flair, detailed airbrush work, 2D and 3D elements and climb-and-play sets for the kids to explore.

Part of the fun in our projects is the seamless integration of interactive play spaces, including slides and themed soft foam, along with the atmospheric theming that excites the imagination. We've included a few pictures of the installation process to give you an idea of the size and scope of this incredible project.

Airbrushing a sky mural on a classroom wall
Digitally produced elements lined up for installation
Installation over air-brushed clouds and sky
The central play area under construction

After installation is complete, all of the play elements, themed murals and digital art bring the space together for a fun and exciting experience for kids and their parents. Our mission is to transform how churches reach the next generation, and this project at Trinity Baptist Church is one that will have kids enjoying their time at church for years to come!

A friendly purple octopus is ready for kids to climb all over!
Kids Check-in is now a fun Dive Shop
An "underwater tunnel" themed hallway
A 3D plane and seagulls hang over the beach entrance
Kids enjoy the new themed play area!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kids Church Design at South Plains Church

Playing off of the "shrunk the kids" movie, this theme includes a science lab-run-amok, with the blaster oversizing everything!

We have been totally blessed to work with the team at South Plains Church in Levelland, TX. 
We love this theme and if you're close to Levelland, drop by the church, get to know this awesome group of people and see their space in person!

Check-in is clearly identified and themed to match!
Uh oh! The blaster is out of control!
Now THAT'S a big ant! Notice the crisp, digital artistry detail.
By using a lower wainscot, the top portion of the wall is painted with simple airbrushed clouds.
That's one hungry frog!
The theme is carried down low (wainscot) by the grass blades.
If you like the look of this project and want to find out more about our digital work, just contact us and we'll chat about how we can work with your church!