October 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Installation pictures from North Monroe Baptist Church

Shout out to our friends here in Monroe, Louisiana! What a great team to work with over the past couple of years! It's been exciting to see the vision come to life. Take a look at the theming, 3D sculpted foam and the custom soft-contained play attraction!

Some of our artists showing the "wow" sign!
This custom sculpted tree with a slide is part of this Pre-K play room.
The main check-in area is almost ready!
A huge paintbrush and paint cans themed on this wall!
The baseball theme ties in perfectly to this city scene.
A subway scene in this hallway.
Lots of faux stone and brick finishes provide great texture.
"Juke boxes" that will be homes of game stations.
The new large soft-contained play attraction is ready at church!
This play attraction goes WAY up high!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Super Fun Slide

Just found these pictures from a slide project I did a few years ago for a church in east Texas. This is way more fun than taking those boring stairs!! Two close-up pictures of one way to enclose the top and bottom to prevent access during services are also included. Has your church considered adding a slide for the kids?

First Dallas Interim Space

First Baptist Dallas is a big church, but even big churches sometimes need to do small things with excellence. Such is the case with their interim space as they make transitions to their downtown campus. These pictures are a great example of how to theme a space with a small budget!