May 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fresh Ideas for your Children's Ministry

At Worlds of Wow, you'll find ministry-focused professionals who understand how to reach kids and their families. Our team consists of multiple former pastors and children's pastors who have have a ministry mindset and a passion for helping churches become more effective in engaging kids, touching families and reaching communities for Christ.


Common Area Coffee Shop

Whether you are adding on to your themed children's area, designing a play center, hanging directional signage, or starting phase 2 of your project, the people of Worlds of Wow are passionate about your goals and we're here to share the latest insider trends on creating an awesome space for kids and families. These trends will help you find ways to stay current and maintain your first rate children's ministry facility!

Children's Area Break-room
Common Area and Community Centers
We met with a church pastor who told us they were so involved with their community and had opened doors every day for moms, business people and groups to come and use their facility. He said, "If we can't pay to keep these doors open, we're pretty sure our community would pay to keep us open!" Now more than ever, we are seeing a rise in the number of cafes and coffee shops in Churches. These common areas make for a great connection space as well as a natural conduit from your parking lot to your worship center. We've seen increases in membership, an increased value to existing members, and a broader appeal to your Church. With open seating, lots of space and Wi-Fi, churches can become a natural "third place" for families to meet. 

Children's Areas Edutainment
Theming your Children's area is a great way to reach kids and families. When the kids are happy, mom and dad are happy too. Themed environments that are properly designed are not just props and decoration; they are tools used to help reach the hearts and minds of children. In addition to your themed children's area, entertainment and edutainment centers with legos, climbing walls, floor projectors and kiosk games, are some of the most common areas we have worked on. Anything that promotes hands-on learning makes kids happy and their parents happy too. Research shows that children learn best through play, and they also show up because it's just plain fun! Edutainment centers mark the beginning of a significant change in children's design. 

Children's Check-In Area
Adding Special Touches
It's often hard to view your own Church from a member's standpoint. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself some questions. How easy is it to navigate your church for someone who has never been? Do you have clear directional signage? How long does it take to find your children's area? Is there a designated area for strollers? Do you have foot traffic bottlenecks? These are some great questions to ask yourself when considering additions to your facility. After focusing on your top-of-the-line children's area, focus on some areas that are often overlooked like the intergenerational age and youth area. With 13 years of experience and over 600 projects completed, we know what it takes to create an awesome youth ministry space. Lighting, interactive play, and simple designs go a long way. From soft, contained climbing play to immersive games for older kids, creating environments that are built and themed to fit each age group is a great way to make your church a great place for your community.
Church Foyer Traffic

Through our creative process, Worlds of Wow partners with you through conversation and storytelling, character development and animated renderings to aid in a storyline that captures your vision, passion and emotion. Creating interactive art-worthy elements that incorporate interactive play, realism and occasionally whimsical fun, is where Wow! lives everyday.

Contact Worlds of Wow today for additions and special touches to your children's area!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017

Trader's Point Christian Church!

Vibrant!  Fun!  Engaging!  These are some of the words that reflect the Wow! project at Trader's Point Christian .  There is color, there is play, there is art that speaks to a clean and completing captivating theme throughout the hallways and rooms!

View our gallery here for Trader's Point photos!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Kids Ministry Theme from an Executive Pastor's Perspective | Mid-Cities Church, Midland, TX

Great perspective shared by Pastor Chris Kelly of balancing the need for theming in the church and the impact theming has on volunteers.  Mid-Cities Community Church dreamed of amazing environments that would impact and inspire kids - I would say, mission accomplished!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kids Ministry and Youth Ministry Design - Cool Spaces for Kids of all Ages!

Nineteen Ten Church is located in beautiful Boerne, Texas and we were honored to partner with them to bring a hill country kids theme to life! Thank you to Pastor Jason and Pastor Cory for your vision and allowing us to bring some Wow! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Worlds of Wow Dental Designs!

Show attendees visited Rusty the Wow Raccoon and his friends the bear and armadillo; these 3D creations are perfect for a photo opportunity or integrated into your check in counter, prep area, or outside of your building. Bring  your logo or mascot to life with a Wow! Design today.  

We look forward to partnering with you in the future to transform your practice into an amazing, unforgettable space!
Please check out for examples and information and see what Wow Dental Designs can do for you!
Wow Dental Design designs, creates and installs incredible, over the top themed environments, 3D logos, and amazing play structures for the pediatric dental industry. This includes waiting room lobby's, check in desk areas, examination rooms, signage, and external facade 3D signs and logos. Read more
A Look At How Wow Builds Ridiculously Fun Environments  -  Made In The USA, Denton, TX   
Ready to start the transformation of your space ?  Wether your building a new building or renovating an existing space let Wow Dental designs get involved as early as possible as we can partner with you to help you through the process . Let Wow take care of all of the details while you can focus on what you do best.

Our mailing address is:
1800 Shady Oaks Dr. Denton, TX, 76205

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Multi-Site Church Ministry

When we say the word "church" today, it no longer brings to mind the image of one building, two prominent white doors at a single point of entry, tall steeple, one gathering room.  It use to be when you said you were going to church, everyone knew it was the church down the street and around the corner.  Today, you can say, "I go to Gateway" or "I go to Eagle Brook" and that no longer means the one location everyone in the area is familiar with.  The question now is, which one? 
The multi-site movement has become the physical representation of going and making disciples.  The multi-location church is the true essence of going out into the communities and meeting people where they are rather than waiting for the community to come to it.  We have the genuine mindset of asking ourselves the question, how can we reach more people with The Gospel?  And through the various location types - the strip mall, the movie theater, the school, the new building - people's lives are being changed.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

If you're looking for a sign, this is it!

Sometimes the smallest element is the piece that makes the greatest impact.  Over the years we have been a part of creating some really amazing signs.  Whether you are looking for directionality, identification or location, signs are a great investment to make in your space.  Contact us to see how we can create a little Wow! in your space through signage.