November 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

Creating the Extraordinary: The Heart of What We Do at Worlds of Wow!

On Creating The Extraordinary: The Heart of What We Do at Worlds of Wow

The work we do at Worlds of Wow is all focused on creating worlds that are extraordinary.

When we help you and your business, organization, or family create a theme, the world is simply your oyster! We’ve got tons of ideas that we’re eager to get started working on, but we’ll slow it down and give you a glimpse into what all we have to offer. At Worlds of Wow, we take you and your staff, your church leaders, or your family through a creative brief to fully understand your DNA. What’s at the heart of your office culture? What are you hoping to share with the world in this new space you are creating? What’s your vision? What are your goals? What are you hoping this space will bring to your family that may not have been there before?

Worlds of Wow couldn’t be more convenient, either. In this line of business, sometimes design is separate from construction, which can be a little tricky. Luckily, we combine theming and play together. We’ll sketch the plans and know just what needs to be done when we’re in the process of construction. We wanted to build our business on the foundation of both of these because, in the end, having continuity is important, especially when it comes to designs that will be as unique as yours will be. Budget also comes into play when you’re working with two separate entities. Like we said, we prefer to keep it simple.

In the past, we’ve done a lot of work on transforming the children and family play areas in churches. Churches can be a community of individuals who feel as if they are your extended family. Churches can be at the heart of bringing people together. Plus, when children are happy, Mom and Dad can stick around for the service.

People decide within the first 7 minutes of being in your church whether or not they see themselves and their family as becoming members. Seven minutes isn’t very much time, which is why it’s important to have clear signage, directions to the important locations, and an emphasis on what matters most, like children’s centers and community gathering spaces. If you imagine your own church or community center, where is the focus on value? What does the children’s area look like in your own church or community center? If you were viewing your family spaces with a perspective as if you were a first-timer coming to visit, what would you see? Would you want to change anything about the way the space is designed?

Our hope is that when we produce the art that will ultimately change the way your public spaces are viewed, your music, your ministry, your staff, your pastor, your traditions, and your people will feel the positive impact. When you transform the same-old, same-old into something that is truly extraordinary, something special happens. We’ve seen it time and time again. Inevitably, these art installations and welcoming spaces will become a part of your nature and your community’s DNA.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Benefits of Interactive Play

More and more organizations dedicated to children are turning to interactive play purposefully designed to promote hands-on learning, creativity and social skills. Play is one of the most important things you can do with children; and is essential for brain development.

Unstructured play is the best type of play for young children. Create an immersive and interactive environment and watch their imagination run wild. This allows children of all ages to learn at their own pace, and participate in creative play alone or with others. The design, theme and DNA of The Potter's House in Dallas is a great example of how to promote hands-on learning, creativity and social skills in a controlled environment. Interactive music panels, stages for dress-up and a farmers market with play veggies allows children to use play to learn.

Another great example can be found in the infant zone at Children's Health in Dallas, TX. With some intentional theming, digital wall covering and interactive play, the children's area is transformed into a creative environment that fosters development of all kinds. The themed environment and interactive play panels is an essential part of growth in children of all ages.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Worlds of Wow Wraps Presents to Support the Children of Fallen Heroes

A Day of Caring with Worlds of Wow

The Worlds of Wow team had a great time wrapping gifts at the Soldier's Child Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the children of our country's fallen heroes through birthday celebrations, mentorship programs, and college scholarships. Thanks to Owens & Minor Distribution Facility opening their doors to accommodate so many volunteers! We were excited to see the amount of people participating for such a good cause.

Worlds of Wow had members from different departments participating and helping wrap gifts; and we even created our own ‘mini-assembly line,’ to speed up the process! The art department used their skills to draw different characters and animations to make these gifts personal and fun for the children. Overall, we wrapped over 200 gifts and decorated over 25 boxes. We are so excited to have supported such a great cause and make a difference for these children.

You can stay updated on A Soldier’s Child Foundation's latest events by visiting their website or following them on social media! ASC has three main points of service; birthday celebrations, mentorship programs and college scholarships. You can help celebrate birthdays, volunteer at mini-camps for recipients between the ages 9-25, or facilitate in college scholarships through partner organizations.  #worldsofwow