November 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Children's Pastors' Conferences

I will be teaching two workshops at the upcoming International Networks of Children's Ministry conferences in January and March. I want to personally invite everyone to attend so that we can make it an informative and fun time together.

The first session will be "Ten Nuggets When Building A New Children's Facility". If you are planning on a new building now or in the next couple of years, please plan on attending. We will share with you how you should be involved in the planning process and share ideas from others who have built on what they would and wouldn't do differently.

The second session will be about something I'm extremely passionate about these days - birthday parties. I think birthday parties can be the our greatest outreach in the church and we have the opportunity to provide transformational experiences to our kids at church, at school, in our neighborhoods, community and more. This session will explain this opportunity and how you can launch your own birthday party ministry.

Look forward to seeing everyone there! If you have any ideas to share with me ahead of time please feel free to email.