December 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Where do I start?

Expertise, Relationship, Ministry Focus, Technology and Professionalism

Our hope is these words reflect every phase on every project in every situation when choosing Wow. Oftentimes we’re asked the question “How does a church start the process of working with Worlds of Wow?” Here’s a quick rundown of how we partner with you.

1. Initial Contact
Phone, email, text, face-to-face, video chat, however it happens this is how it all starts. So let’s talk. We love to visit with you about your space, dreams, ideas and vision.

2. Design Consultation
This gets the process really started. Once you sign our Design Agreement we do an onsite and/or virtual consult to generate our Creative Brief. This is where we get familiar with your space, facility, vision, style, budget and more. Typically it’s a one-day visit that includes lots of meetings and lots of fun!

3. Artwork Phase
This is where your dreams and ideas come to life on paper. We start with rough black & white sketches and seek your feedback. Sometimes we hit a home run the very first round, sometimes it takes a few rounds of renderings to get it just right. We then wrap up this phase with the Production Agreement, basically the written  document of what’s in the renderings and the work we’ll be doing for you (and the fun part – the price!).

4. Pre-Production Phase
Our Pre-Production team takes the signed Production Agreement and starts thinking through every element’s placement, look and construction. Lots of theme and play focused questions in this phase along with some production renderings for you to approve.

5. Production Phase
Now we’re making your items. Coordinating with your contractor, our install team and your church as we are producing the 2D appliqu├ęs, 3D elements and play attractions.

6. Installation Phase
Our install team is coordinated, the items are shipped to your site and the install begins. The size of project always dictates actual time on site, but typically it’s about 12-14 days. We work 10-12 hours per day but not on Sunday. This is a really fun time for you to see the transformation taking place. By the way, our on site crews are the best around. You will love them. The Final Sign Off form is what both you and Wow are looking for to complete the project. We want you to be happy, very happy.


7. Enjoyment phase!
This is where you and your team enjoy the fabulous environment that Worlds of Wow has created. Remember, our mission is to transform the way churches reach the next generation!

If you have any questions or need anything at all, contact us, we’re here for you!

The Worlds of Wow Team


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Incredible Theming at Waterstone Community Church in Littleton, CO

Waterstone Community Church - Littleton,  CO

The Waterstone Community Church in Littleton CO considered every detail when planning to theme their space. Their design was thoughtfully drawn out to target specific age ranges, including their tweens and teens. They didn't press pause when determining how they can give everyone a cool space to hang out!