3 Most Important Spaces for a Wow! Factor

Thursday, December 22, 2016

3 Most Important Spaces for a Wow! Factor

3 Most Important Spaces for a Wow! Factor

1. Entry – This delivers the first impression for your guests but also for the kids each and every time the come to church. Set the tone for their experience no matter if it’s the first or hundredth time they’ve come to church that it’s going to be a fun experience to learn more. 

2. Signage – If you walked into your building and hadn’t been there before would you easily know where to go? Prominent, clear wayfinding signage points the way for families and kids to find where they should be. Add some themed element or your logo and the kids will identify it immediately.

3. Large Group – Want to grab the attention of your kids in large group during worship or teaching? Give them something to be drawn toward and focus their attention where you are! Create a backstage area with multiple ways to enter/exit the stage.

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