Installation pictures from North Monroe Baptist Church

Friday, October 29, 2010

Installation pictures from North Monroe Baptist Church

Shout out to our friends here in Monroe, Louisiana! What a great team to work with over the past couple of years! It's been exciting to see the vision come to life. Take a look at the theming, 3D sculpted foam and the custom soft-contained play attraction!

Some of our artists showing the "wow" sign!
This custom sculpted tree with a slide is part of this Pre-K play room.
The main check-in area is almost ready!
A huge paintbrush and paint cans themed on this wall!
The baseball theme ties in perfectly to this city scene.
A subway scene in this hallway.
Lots of faux stone and brick finishes provide great texture.
"Juke boxes" that will be homes of game stations.
The new large soft-contained play attraction is ready at church!
This play attraction goes WAY up high!


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