Worlds of Wow Multi-Site-Countdown to Launch

Monday, October 29, 2012

Worlds of Wow Multi-Site-Countdown to Launch

Have you heard the news?  MultiSite is here to stay and we think that is a GREAT thing!  Over the past few months, we have been researching ways we can partner with multisite churches.  We are excited to launch our new process dedicated to addressing the unique needs facing mulitisite organizations.  The vision behind multisite campuses runs concurrent with our desire to help churches become vital destinations in their communities. 

Countdown to Launch…(actually, before countdown to launch)
Launching a new campus takes a great deal of time, energy, and preparation.  There are tons of moving parts that have to work in unison in order for the DNA of the church to be readily understood no matter the location.  Theming in your ministry spaces can play a critical role in helping churches achieve this necessary goal.  Deciding a theme that tells the story of your church takes time.   We like to be involved at the earliest day in the process as possible.  We can walk along side you offering advice and expertise that we have gained from working with multisite churches in the past.  Whether it be kid space theming or indoor play areas, even student ministry themed spaces-we can help you maximize your impact as a multisite organization.  We create themed environments that reflect the heart of your church regardless of the location.  We have processes that will maximize your resources while creating exceptionally designed spaces campus to campus.

In addition, we also are happy to introduce to you some of our friends in a variety of ministry areas.  These folks are experts in their fields.  Maybe you need advice in the areas of  finance, church insurance, curriculum, leadership, check in systems-really anything!  Their websites and blogs will prove to be incredibly helpful for you.

Take a few minutes and check out our website.  Check out the websites of our ministry friends.  This week we will be discussing church design, kid ministry theming, security, and several other topics.    Check back daily.  We are looking forward to a great week!


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