Go and Make Disciples...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Go and Make Disciples...

When we say the word "church" today, it no longer brings to mind the image of one building, two prominent white doors at a single point of entry, tall steeple, one gathering room.  It use to be when you said you were going to church, everyone knew it was the church down the street and around the corner.  Today, you can say, "I go to Gateway" or "I go to Eagle Brook" and that no longer means the one location everyone in the area is familiar with.  The question now is, which one? 

The multi-site movement has become the physical representation of going and making disciples.  The multi-location church is the true essence of going out into the communities and meeting people where they are rather than waiting for the community to come to it.  We have the genuine mindset of asking ourselves the question, how can we reach more people with The Gospel?  And through the various location types - the strip mall, the movie theater, the school, the new building - people's lives are being changed.


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