Themed Kids Ministry at Houston Northwest Church

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Themed Kids Ministry at Houston Northwest Church

Our friends at Houston Northwest Church (yep, in the northwest part of Houston, TX) are one of our newer digital projects. Most of the theming is done with digitally-produced artwork, and the results are just amazing!

We're excited to share these pictures we took on a recent visit to show you the fun, bright and inviting kids area of this fast-growing church.

The kids entrance is all about making check-in fast and fun!
The kids ministry logo looks sharp!
A close-up of a digital appliqué
This scene from Down Under is in the Pre-School area
The Far East hallway with 2D appliqués for extra relief textures
One of the main children's hallways
This is a digital vignette, part of  a series along the walls
A fun check-in desk gets kids ready for the adventure!
While we were at Houston NW, we also took some new Panoramic shots.  To interact with the 3D panorama pictures, you'll need the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for your browser.

We just love helping churches create these WOW experiences! The kids love being in "their" church and are excited to arrive and bring their friends.

If you like the look of this project and want to find out more about our digital work, just contact us and we'll chat about how we can work with your church!


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